Инструкция к телевизору jvc av-21fr3

инструкция к телевизору jvc av-21fr3
Page 4 AV-21F3 AV-21FR3 AV-21FMG3B FEATURES » New chassis design enables us e of an interactive on-screen c ontrol. » Wide range voltage (110V~240V) AC power input. » With AUDIO / VIDEO INPUT & OUTPUT terminal. » MUTING button can reduce the audio level to zero instantly. Page 23 AV-21F3 AV-21FR3 AV-21FMG3B Measuring Item Test point Ad justment part Description instrument Remote Ad justment 3. BRIGHT 1. Receive any broadc ast. control unit 2. Enter the SERVICE MENU. SUB BRIGHT 3. Select 2. V/C from SERVICE MENU. 4. Select 3. BRIGHT with the MENU ▼/▲key. The adjustments are made on the bas is of the initial setting values. Инструкция к прибору поможет в управлении, а выполнение правил эксплуатации увеличит продолжительность службы прибора. For (Safety for Electrical Shock Hazard) continued protection, no changes should be made to the original After re-ass embling the product, always perform an isolation design unless authorized in writing by the manufacturer.

Подробное руководство Инструкция JVC GC-PX100 (REF) PDF 12959 Action-видеокамера Инструкция JVC GC-XA1BE PDF 4524 Action-видеокамера. Page 16 AV-21F3 AV-21FR3 AV-21FMG3B BASIC OPERATION OF SERVICE MENU » The adjustment using SERVICE MENU The following adjus tment items use the SERVICE MENU in the series of the adjustment. В этом разделе сайта собраны инструкции по эксплуатации предназначенные для телевизоров кинескопных, распределенные по соответствующим подразделам. The JVC’s logo will be shown about 15 s econds automatically. ② MENU -/+ Key ・・・・・・・ ・・・・・・・・・・ Select Language. When replacing memory ICs, be sure to us e ICs written with the initial values of data. Page 28 AV-21F3 AV-21FR3 AV-21FMG3B Measuring Item Test point Ad justment part Description instrument Signal ● ● ● ● When the vertical linearity been deteriorated Ad justment 4. VER. L IN. gener ator of VER. LIN. 5. VER. SCURVE rem arkably, perform the following steps.

Page 17 %・ If it is ON, then you turn the TV power off, when you are turn the TV power on again. Whenever replacing these parts, be s ure to use s pec ified ones to secure the safety . ! The parts not indic ated in this Parts List and those which are filled with lines in the Parts No. c olumns will not be supplied. Тюнеры, интерфейс DVI, стабилизаторы 2) Принципиальная электрическая схема. Page 13 AV-21F3 AV-21FR3 AV-21FMG3B 5. PRESET The items in the following table, it is no requirem ent for adjustment. If values had changed by the miss operation, set the initial setting values in the following table. Найдите и скачайте бесплатно нужное Вам руководство по применению, перейдя в соответствующий раздел или выберите одну из форм поиска, которые находятся вверху сайта. The adjustment values which adjust the screen to the optimum condition c an be different from the initial setting values.

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