Автомагнитола enjoy инструкция

автомагнитола enjoy инструкция
Visit for a complete list of compatible devices.Contact syncingSync your contacts from a compatible phone to the Uconnect® System.Voice your selectionsAccess a favorite playlist on your Bluetooth®-enabled phone, radio or MP3 player with simple voice commands. You are currently here: Home > Service > Download Select your product’s MSN number to find the right manual for your product or search for the appropriate product category. Apart from disc playback, this 6.1-inch DVD player also allows you to tune into your favorite radio stations, thanks to an integrated tuner. With Tune Start, whenever you tune to a preset music channel, the current song will automatically start playing from the beginning. The all-new Alpine TuneIt App turns your phone into an interface for custom sound tuning, Facebook updates and more!

Control all search options of your iPod directly from the CDE-SXM145BT via Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Podcast or Composer. Microphone Included This unit comes with all that’s needed for Bluetooth convenience. Головное устройство, способное воспроизводить MP3 позволяет прослушивать CD диски с записанными на них MP3 музыкальными файлами. Вы можете записать на обычный диск до 12 часов музыки. Новый компрессионный аудио-формат, который обеспечивает качество практически такое же, как на CD, а файл имеет меньший размер по сравнению с MP3. Connect your iPhone via USB and App Direct will let you listen to sound from many apps through your system speakers.

With SongAlert™ and Artist Alert™ you can get notified when your favorite songs or artists are being broadcast on any SiriusXM station. Эта декоративная функция позволяет вам выбрать подсветку головного устройства — красную, синюю, зеленую или янтарную. Place the microphone where it’s convenient for you, such as on the visor, for the best possible sound quality. Play MP3 and WMA for your in-car entertainment The source unit supports both MP3 and WMA digital audio files, as well as ID3-TAG coding for display of title information. With Alpine, expect the premium sound your ears deserve. The CDE-SXM145BT comes with a tuned microphone that’s engineered to reduce noise interference and feedback.

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