Circuit magic инструкция

For this teardown, the fan blade on the motor shaft was removed. The springs at the end of the posts in my Bullet were all rusted off. Surprise your cat with a new layout every few days to keep the experience fresh and exciting! Here is the body with the black strip and the three white posts. Remove the cable guide by removing the two Phillips head screws Here is the cable guide and the two 1/8 x3/8 screws Remove the three Phillips head screws that fasten the body to the base.

First remove the short bullet cup, with a quick twist and lift, from the power base. Please note that this is a temporary issue. We’re sorry for any waiting times. Is your country not in the list? Here is the motor removed from the base. Simply twist the screw driver so that the snap ring will come away from the shaft. To remove the fan blade, use a screwdriver and place it between the body of the Magic Bullet and the fan blade.

The motor plate list it as D.S.D. Motor Co. LTD Model 5443/125 M12 There are two single-pole, Subminiature Micro Switches Marking on those is: Donghai KW4-3Z-3 5A 250VAC There is a thermal fuse wrapped to one of the switches leads. Turn the body of the mixer over and remove the three rubber spacers Remove the three screws below the spacer Here are the three 1/8 x3/8 Phillips head screws With the screws removed, turn the mixer bottom side up. this will free the electric motor out of the body. There are three white plastic posts inside, which slide down when the jar is attached. This appears to be common (the motor does not have any bottom support within the base) This can be resolved by inserting a screw driver and gently forcing the slot into sight.

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