Mts 2000 jdsu инструкция

Resetting the 2000 Platform If the 2000 Platform freezes, prolonged pressure (about 4 s.) on the ON/ OFF key will reset the instrument. Perform a full charge/ discharge of the battery to get back to a valid indication. Instead of the normal screen, a small animated picture of the 2000 Plat- form is displayed on the blackened screen. If the 2000 Platform is operating on battery, it is advisable to choose a minimum lighting level, acceptable for the user, to keep endurance as long as possible. Conventions This guide uses naming conventions and symbols, as described in the following tables. This guide includes task-based instruc- tions that describe how to install, configure, use, and troubleshoot the 2000 Platform.

Configuring the alarm parameters of the power meter Alarm Activation of the Alarm function : any result below the lower threshold or above the upper threshold will be displayed in red on the Results page. Trademarks JDSU and MTS/T-BERD 2000 are trademarks or registered trademarks of JDSU in the United States and/or other countries. Once loaded, the display goes back automatically to Setup screen. 4 Select the profile just loaded. See Figure 22 on page 44 for a description of the pdf report.
Table 4 Battery icons The battery capacity is superior to 75% The battery capacity is set between 50% and 75% The battery capacity is set between 25% and 50% The battery capacity is inferior to 25% The battery capacity is unknown. This menu depends on the function in use. Table 2 Typographical conventions Description Example User interface actions appear in this typeface. On the Status bar, click Start. Assumptions This guide is intended for novice, intermediate, and experienced users who want to use the 2000 Platform effectively and efficiently. We are assuming that you have basic computer and mouse/track ball experience and are familiar with basic telecommunication concepts and terminology. Table of results For one and the same fiber, the power meter displays a table of 9 results corresponding to the different possible wavelengths. Switching off the 2000 Platform While the 2000 Platform is operating, press the ON/OFF button to switch it off.

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