Инструкция digimax 301

Finally, both the 401 and 301 models allow the user to choose between Normal, B&W and Sepia tone for images with maximum artistic effect. In order to download the correct driver for your StudioLive 16.4.2 Mixer, please verify your firmware version: Go to your mixer and press the «System» button, then press Page down until firmware version is displayed. Page 99 MGI PhotoSuite III SE Share Saving or sharing images. Compose Use your photos in a variety of fun and interesting ways. Page 60: Setting Up The Date Type Formatting a memory card Formatting a Memory Card from a PC When formatting a memory card from a Windows 2000 or XP-based PC, format the card under the «FAT» files system. Page 94 MGI PhotoSuite III SE 2. After selecting Album on the [ Choose a photo album], click an image in the album and click [Open]. 3. The Welcome screen will change to the next work step, with the selected image displayed.

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Page 100 Please check the following if the USB connection malfunctions. [Case 1] The camera power is off. When the menu is not displayed on the LCD monitor, the UP button operates as the voice memo button. Please contact a Samsung agent or a radio/TV engineer. Page 55: Resize Resize A stored image size can be changed and used as a logo image. However, there is no menu for Voice Recording mode ( 2. Page 35: Size, Quality Size You can select the image size appropriate for your application.
Recording your voice. (refer to page 22) You can even create your own unique gift wrap paper by using your digital images. Once the maximum digital zoom (3X) is achieved, pressing the zoom button T will have no effect. The LCD monitor is always turned off in PC mode. Icon 2048 Size 2048 1536 The higher the resolution, the lower the number of available shots will be because high resolution images require more memory than lower resolution images. Page 45 Voice( ) memo / Up button When the menu is displayed on the LCD monitor, pressing the UP button makes the menu cursor move up. Page 62: Imprinting Date Recording, Beep Imprinting date recording There is an option to include DATE/TIME on still images.

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