Kenwood ddx7025 инструкция по установки

kenwood ddx7025 инструкция по установки
Preset Select Lists and tunes in stations in memory one after the other. Displaying the Speaker Set Up screen When the speaker type and size are set, the speaker crossover network and equalizer curve are set automatically. Вот интересная часть схемы:Искомое находится рядом с аудиопроцессором TDA7406 (IC203 на схеме) от STMicroelectronics. Display the Parental Level code number screen (P57 q ) S e t P a r e n t a l Pa s s * * * * C l e ar Can c e l 1 Enters a code number. Page 99 60°C (140°F), the disc will start playing again.

Page 21: Displaying The Tuner Control Screen, Displaying The Tuner Menu Screen, Seek Mode, Auto Memory Displaying the Tuner Control screen You can tune in a station using various functions. This website requires JavaScript The features of this website require JavasScript to function. Единственное неудобство — двухступенчатое включение и выключение AUX. Сначала кнопку нажимаем News, а затем страгиваем немного громкость. When the Security Code function is activated it can’t be released. Initial Input screen Phone Book L i s t Ty p e 1 Switches the character type. There is no danger of hazardous radiation outside the unit.

Page 100: Specifications Specifications Specifications subject to change without notice. Display the Language Setup screen See (see page 56) and select a language you wish to use. A u d i o LANG C l e ar 1 Enters a language code. How to upload speed camera’s onto your Kenwood navigation system. Page 41: Service Select, Language Filter Service Select The service list of the currently receiving ensemble is displayed for your selection. Page 12: Switch Screen Mode Switch Screen Mode The Screen mode of the monitor changes each time the [MODE] key is pressed. • When the Menu, Easy Control screen, or Navigation is selected, it is shown in the full-size display mode automatically. The extended code characters are displayed only when a cellular phone supporting the GSM alphabets is connected.

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