Hp array configuration utility инструкция

hp array configuration utility инструкция
This allows moving data from SATA to SAS, or SAS to SATA. However, the drive types comprising the array must still be of the same type. This is because at driver init time, the SCSI core may not yet be initialized (because the driver is a block driver) and attempting to register it with the SCSI core in such a case would cause a hang. Manage Split Mirror Backup This task allows for the management of the primary and backup arrays created by the Create Split Mirror Backup operation. This option makes the backup array fully accessible to the operating system. This allows newer hardware to work with older drivers. Users can then configure or maintain the detected and supported devices such as HP ProLiant Smart Array Controllers, HP ProLiant Integrated Smart Array Controllers, and HP ProLiant StorageWorks RAID Array Controllers.

The cciss driver must be informed that changes to the SCSI bus have been made. The primary array continues to be fully accessible to the operating system while the backup array is hidden from the operating system. When an array is protected by a hot spare, if a disk drive in that array fails the hot spare is automatically incorporated into the array and takes over for the failed drive.

For further instructions on creating and managing hot spares, please refer to the maxView Storage Manager User’s Guide. Запишите драйвер на ту же флешку в папку с запоминающимся названием. Under physical devices view click on the newly added harddrive and select ‘Actions’ and then ‘Create dedicated hot spare for’ then select the logical device which needs to be rebuilt. A rebuild will then begin automatically on the degraded logical device. Spilt Mirror Backup\Rollback Create Split Mirror Backup This task splits an array that consists of one or more RAID1, RAID 1+0, RAID 1 (ADM), or RAID 10 (ADM) and creates two arrays: A primary array and a backup array.

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