Canon 950 is ixus инструкция

canon 950 is ixus инструкция
The lens won’t get you close to distant subjects, but it does now cover the 85 to 135mm focal length range many 35mm film shooters favor for portrait work. Truth be told, Canon has improved this camera over its predecessor by the addition of image stabilization, as well as a higher resolution sensor with comparable noise performance. Rear Controls Main Menu As with a growing number of pocket compact cameras, the Canon Digital IXUS 960 IS has an anti-shake system in the form of an optical Image Stabilizer. Also located on the back of the camera is a small round Mode dial with a pronounced lip in the top-right corner to make thumb control easier. As you’d expect, this allows access to full auto shooting, manual shooting mode, pre-optimised scene modes and video clip capture. Single shot-to-shot times (shoot, write, re-acquire focus, and shoot) ran about 2 seconds.

Page 14: Shooting Modes, Digital Macro Shooting Modes Auto AUTO The camera automatically selects settings. Otherwise, the menu system is logical and fast, even if the all-plastic controls feel cheap.The 2.5-inch screen is very bright, colourful and sharp, although its anti-scratch coating is extremely prone to smears and fingerprints. David Stanton 8/21/2008 (david dot longjohn dot stanton at gmail dot com) is also available to assist with porting. Unlike some rival systems, there’s no audible stabilisation noise, above and beyond the lens’s usual faint whine.The 950’s interface has been tweaked from previous incarnations.

You could do worse than simply wait and see which ones Canon decides to include in its Ixus range.The range-topping 950 IS has no shortage of high-tech extras within in its solid metal case. The microscopic optical viewfinder might prove useful if power’s running low or in very dark conditions, otherwise don’t strain your eyes peering through it. Manual Allows you to select settings yourself, such as the exposure compensation, white balance, my colors or ISO speed.

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