Инструкция к alcatel ot

инструкция к alcatel ot
This is usually in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Agent tip Connect to Wi-Fi if you’re adding lots of attachments. Tap the Also include line, untick any apps which you don’t want on your Pop 4, then tap Done to close the options. If you’re setting the Pop 4 up as a new device, you won’t see ant Apps options.

This will vary depending on your mobile network and where you are at the time, but the key thing to remember is that if a letter is there, your data connection is configured correctly. Find out how to make and receive calls on your new Alcatel handset with these short steps. Choose your preferred language by dragging your fingertip up and down the list of languages, then tap the yellow circle to begin. Once enabled you will see a blue dot in the circle. Well, it’s now time to get your new mobile phone up and running, personalising it in the process.

You will see any accounts that are already set up on your Pop 4. Tap Add account. If you have an Exchange email account (often used by employers, or education providers) choose Exchange. If your email is a regular POP3 or IMAP account, tap Email. Remove the back cover and the battery (if it has already been inserted) then place the handset screen-side down on a soft, non-scratch surface. You will be asked about Notifications, and showing their content. How to delete a message thread If you’d like to delete a thread of messages from your handset, open the Messaging app and locate the thread you’d like to delete by finding the other person’s name in the message list. Hiding content will show that you have a notification, but not the details. The triangle to the left is the Back button which will always take you back one screen through apps and menus, and the square on the right is the Recent Apps button, which allows quick access to apps that are still running in the background.

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