Yamaha exciter 270 инструкция

yamaha exciter 270 инструкция
Use only drives whose compatibility has been confirmed by Yamaha… Page 99: Questions About Operations And Functions Questions about Operations and Functions The buttons do not respond. Page 105 GS was developed by the Roland Corporation. In the same way as Yamaha XG, GS is a major enhance- ment of the GM specifically to provide more voices and drum kits and their variations, as well as greater expres- sive control over voices and effects. Page 114: Handling The Floppy Disk Drive (fdd) And Floppy Disks (optional) • To maintain the disk drive in optimum working order Yamaha recommends that you use a commercially-avail- able dry-type head cleaning disk to clean the head about once a month. Recording begins automatically as soon as you play a note on the keyboard. (Optional) Press the [PLAY/PAUSE] button to start recording. Page 93: Message List Message List The messages are listed in alphabetical order.

Page 83: Other Settings Other settings You can make detailed settings for touch, tuning, scale, etc. The following is a detailed procedure for Step 4. Name the song as described in the “Save”… Page 49 Handling files such as deleting song files … [FILE/SONG SETTING] Copying files … [Copy] You can copy songs. Before you record performance data to a sequencer, it is useful if you first send and record (at the beginning of the performance data) the panel setup data for your performance during playback. Carb Tuning Accurately tuning a PWC carburetor requires a basic understanding of its functions and adhering to a few basic rules. Page 37 & F EATURES UNCTIONS Neutral CHOKE KNOBS The jet pump gates are dropped down part way over the jet nozzles.

Most importantly, you can only expect the carb to work as well as your engine does; the performance of your carb cannot make up for a weak or worn out engine. Please assemble in accor- dance with the sequence given below. • Assembly should be carried out by at least two persons. •… Page 110 CLP-280/270: Keyboard Stand Assembly Attach B. Insert B between E and F as shown in the illus- tration. Repair, Service manuals, wiring diagrams, caruburetor specifications and other helpful documents This page will be dedicated to any service or repair info I have in my library.

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