Инструкция по сбору herofactory 6201 6200

инструкция по сбору herofactory 6201 6200
When they return to Hero Factory, Surge is upgraded and commended for his actions. 2011B – Savage Planet[edit] In the summer storyline, new rookie Hero Rocka is sent to find civilian Aldous Witch, who has crash-landed on Quatros. However, he takes everyone by surprise when he appears unharmed, stating he used the ejector seat to get out before the ship crashed. Speeda Demon — An insane villain equipped with a nitro-rocket bike.

Nitroblast and Drilldozer are subdued, but Fire Lord flees to absorb more fuel. As the Heroes close in, a ship ejects Jetbug and knocks Fire Lord away. Furno is made commander for the mission, and directs numerous teams in an attempt to defeat the brains. Aquagon — An aquatic creature transformed into a hostile invader by a Brain. His mouth is open, and he has large teeth of several sizes, as well as two gadget-things next to his jaw. He has a nose, which is not all that rare for Hero Factory helmets. Thunder — A strong, but dimwitted criminal who bears a massive crushing claw.

Daniel Rocka — Headstrong new rookie of the team, also covertly a member of the Hero Recon Team. Nex concludes that it would only be able to transport three Heroes. Notes In the episodes, Toxic Reapa had only one waste blaster hand, and the other was a real hand. Jaw Beast — One of the Beasts from under Antropolis that has a big jaw and menacing pincers. They notice that Raw-Jaw is a slave worker for Witch, collecting the Quaza that is mined.

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