Belimo bf230 s инструкция мануал

belimo bf230 s инструкция мануал
Compact design to fit in small spaces Belimo LH..A: Linear actuators, 150 N Standard types (Cable connection) Belimo LH24A… Belimo LH24A-SX60 Belimo LH24A-SR… Belimo LH230A… Belimo LH230ASR… Belimo LH24A-MF… Belimo LH and SH linear actuators. For Bus and systemintegration we have tools and equipment for the parameterization of devices. Enhanced safety with «Controlled Power Off» Belimo SHK..A: Linear actuator, 450 N Standard types (Cable connection) Belimo SHK24A-1-100, 450 N Belimo SHK24A-SR100, 450 N Belimo SHK24A-SZ100, 450 N Belimo SHK24A-MF100, 450 N Belimo SHK24A-MP100, 450 N Belimo The new SuperCap actuators. Всесторонняя культура качества является частью философии фирмы наряду с быстрой доставкой и близкими деловыми контактами.

For valves of other manufacturers, we have linear and rotary actuators for the motorization of valves, butterfly valves and mixing. Belimo Accessories for NMQ..A Belimo Mechanical Accessories Belimo SMQ..A: Damper actuators, 16 Nm, 7 s Standard types (Cable connection) Belimo SMQ24A, 16 Nm Belimo SMQ24A-SR, 16 Nm Belimo SMQ24A-MF, 16 Nm Belimo Q Series fast-running actuators. For water applications, we have control valves and closing valves change (Shut-off and change-over) for open and closed HVAC water circuits.

Наши заказчики во всем мире привыкли полагаться на нас. Electronic pressure-independent characterised control valves (EPIV) EP..R+MP: 2 way, with internal thread, PN 16 (DN 15…50) P6..W..E-MP: 2 way, with flange, PN 16 (DN 65…150) Electronic pressure-independent valve EPIV. The clever way to control the flow rate. Better working atmosphere immediately Belimo Accessories for LMQ..A Belimo Mechanical Accessories Belimo NMQ..A: Damper actuators, 8 Nm, 4 s Standard types (Cable connection) Belimo NMQ24A, 8 Nm Belimo NMQ24A-SR, 8 Nm Belimo NMQ24A-MF, 8 Nm Belimo Q Series fast-running actuators. Belimo products improve the economic performance of all types of HVAC systems. A long life cycle, through the use of quality materials reduce the cost of installation and maintenance. Belimo Form-fit versions (Terminal connection) Belimo CM24K-F-T.. Belimo CM actuators with supercap module. Belimo NKQ..A: Rotary actuator, 6 Nm Standard types (Cable connection) Belimo NKQ24A-1, 6 Nm Belimo NKQ24A-SR, 6 Nm Belimo NKQ24A-SZ, 6 Nm Belimo NKQ24A-MF, 6 Nm Belimo The new SuperCap actuators.

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