Инструкция fischer rs10

инструкция fischer rs10
Adjust the fit if necessary. If you’re having difficulty opening the binding with a ski pole, you might want to try a lower DIN. Be careful, though; set the DIN too low, and you’ll pop out of your bindings and injure yourself on the slopes. You can then use the foot you just released to step down on the other binding to release. High stability thanks to wide steering plate (56 mm). [more] Fischer Soma Race Jr 10 — 2011 $84.99 $99.99 So the first turns are a big experience!

Nice and smooth, they’re also good at long, swooping turns, and great for giving intermediates lots of confidence. + Low speed, versatility, off piste, moguls. Easy to ski on and lightweight, it’ll help your little skier develop their technique and dial in the basics as they fall in love with the sport. Radius 13m (162) Best on test Rossignol Famous 10 £550 (including bindings) Best for: Going fast or going home The Famous 10s lead the group for long turns, high speed and groomed piste, and are joint winners for edge hold and liveliness/responsiveness. The added on caps were done by hand.When I went back and read the first post it made me wonder if you plugged a turntable into the phono input or used something else.

They are also comfortable at lower speeds, but perhaps not the most responsive in shorter turns. + Long turns, high speed, smoothness. — Versatility, off piste Lengths 150, 156, 162, 168, 174. All contact information provided shall also be maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Barring rare exceptions, your DIN and binding fit on the second ski should be the same as the first. They do become slightly overpowered and lose stability at very high speeds, but are fun and responsive skis for advanced skiers who love to rip up the piste. + Short turns, low speed, smoothness, liveliness/responsiveness, versatility, groomed piste, moguls.

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