Инструкция как работать с icom a

инструкция как работать с icom a
Pin-outPin 1 N/C Pin 2 N/C Pin 3 N/C Pin 4 Mic GND Pin 5 Mic Pin 6 PTT Pin 7 GND Pin 8 N/C Radio Models FT-450 FT-600 FT-817 FT-857 FT-897FT-900 VX-2100/2200 Notes Speaker audio and power are available on some models. See the SignaLink Installation Manual for details. SELECT A MANUFACTURER NOTE: Please read the «Important Notes» above BEFORE you select your jumper settings. Containing materials designed for use by new or future museum professionals, the programme consists of a Practical Handbook and Trainer’s Manual written by established professionals in the field. Note that if you mistakenly install the PWR jumper, it will make no difference in the operation of the unit as this pin is not internally connected. Your radio will NOT be damaged if you install the PTT jumper using the wrong configuration — you just wont be able to transmit!

Connect the 4-pin right-angle TRRS plug to the KX2/KX3s Mic jack, being sure to fully insert the plug. You will need to use our SLCAB8R Mic cable and connect the SignaLink to the Mic jack instead. JP-1 Pin-outTigertronics manufactures a special cable for ICOM 13-pin Accessory Ports. While it is fairly simple to install the SignaLink, it is possible to DAMAGE YOUR RADIO or the SignaLink by incorrectly installing it! Check your radio manual for availability of these features and add the appropriate jumpers. Updated: November 23, 2016 IMPORTANT NOTES SignaLink USB Users — The SignaLink USB is always powered by the computer’s USB jack.

The SignaLink USB is always powered by the computer and never needs external power. **Speaker Audio is not available on the Mic jack of this radio, so do NOT install the SPKR jumper wire. Both will work just fine. TOP Tigertronics — All Rights Reserved | BayPac, SignaLink, and TigerTrak are trademarks of Tigertronics APRS is a trademark of Bob Bruninga | All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. After you have installed the jumpers, be sure to set the sound card audio levels as outlined in the SignaLink manual. If you do not set the levels correctly, then the SignaLink may not transmit, and you might mistake the problem for incorrect jumper settings. Note that the K3 also has a menu setting for the «Line Out» level, which can be turned up if needed to increase the RX Audio going into the SignaLink.

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