Granules 900 tr plus инструкция

granules 900 tr plus инструкция
Any rules specified in the style sheet itself override rules in imported style sheets. Omitted values will be set to their initial values: H1 { border-bottom: thick solid } Since the color value is omitted in the example above, the border color will be the same as the ‘color’ value of the element itself. Fonts with Oblique, Slanted or Incline in their names will typically be labeled ‘oblique’ in the UA’s font database. Note that an application may reinterpret an explicit size, depending on the context. E.g., inside a VR scene a font may get a different size because of perspective distortion.

The conflict is resolved by the second selector being more specific because of the longer search pattern. Every CSS1 property has its own syntactic and semantic restrictions on the values it accepts. The ‘repeat-x’ (‘repeat-y’) value makes the image repeat horizontally (vertically), to create a single band of images from one side to the other. Since the properties to some extent have overlapping functionality, the order in which the rules are specified becomes important.

For a CSS1 parser, a comment is equivalent to whitespace. In CSS1, style is normally attached to an element based on its position in the document structure. The margin properties set the margin of an element. The suggested list of keyword color names is: aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white, and yellow. The padding properties describe how much space to insert between the border and the content (e.g., text or image). The ‘padding’ property sets the padding for all four sides while the other padding properties only set their respective side. The second selector matches a subset of the first, i.e. ‘LI’ elements with at least two ‘UL’ ancestors. One of the fundamental features of CSS is that style sheets cascade; authors can attach a preferred style sheet, while the reader may have a personal style sheet to adjust for human or technological handicaps.

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