Инструкция для пенетрометра ft327

инструкция для пенетрометра ft327
Полученное таким способом давление выражается в г/см.кв. и количественно характеризует твердость и степень зрелости плода. Also, the well established FDK repair and calibration program is available for the FT Fruit Tester. The new Wagner Penetrometer tip features a sharp change or step in the tip diameter at the correct distance making it easier to sight the stopping point. *Accuracy Verification — Only the Wagner FT Fruit Tester includes an accuracy verification hook for suspending test weights.

Wagner FDK Force Gauge — Wagner FDK Force Gage — The FT Fruit Tester now uses the standard FDK Force Gage as its force sensor. When repair or calibration adjustment is required, the FT is returned to Wagner. If rebuildable — recyclable — the FT is replaced with a rebuilt gage for rapid return service at a reasonable price. Frequent testing of any fruit tester is required. It is important to ensure that the FT is accurate, then if used correctly, results will be more accurate. Penetrometer Tip — The operator must ensure the penetrometer tip stops at the correct depth while limiting penetration speed.

Including the Wagner FDK Force Gage as the FT standard. IMPROVED DESIGN — The FT Fruit Tester offers improved accuracy by: Controlling penetration depth with redesigned penetrometer tips Providing accuracy verification by suspending weights on a hook. For Apples, Peaches, Pears, Avocado, Kiwi, Tomatoes, etc.

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