Alligator 707 cc plus инструкция

alligator 707 cc plus инструкция
These compact radios sold like crazy because they delivered high style, moderate performance and low pricing. The six pushbuttons, which do not work, have the original radio station call letters. The oversized and multicolored dial with all of the stations around the edge make it a collector’s delight. Porsche 718 Cayman Remember what we said about Porsche purists at the start of this list? This three-speed automatic record player oozes nostalgia with its felt turntable pad and powerful superheterodyne radio. To quote its time-period ad, it also features a «feather-weight tone-arm, an automatic reject and shut-off switch and tone control» with treble and bass settings.

About 10-1/2″W x 6-3/4″H x 6″D. $119.00. (1480110) Crosley JT3 SOLD! Plays local AM stations with internal antenna. The tubes and resistors have been checked and a new power cord has been installed. A radio you can enjoy listening to every day. 16″H x 12″W x 8″D. $295.00. (0150217) Crosley 10-136E Plays local AM stations with internal antenna. Add $28 for domestic shipping. $190.00. (1440146) Airline 1131 Mocha colored Airline; nice shape and works loud. It does have a tiny pinpoint ding on grille that isn’t very obvious but there. Good solid cabinet. $185.00. (0380264) AKAI DeLuxe Terecorder Instruction Book Complete instructions on the operation and maintenance of the AKAI DeLuxe reel to reel tape recorder. Note the fine silk/cotton reproduction power cord and Bakelite plug, both reproduction and making the radio a safe set to play.

Cleaned inside and out. No chips, or cracks in the plastic. From howling flat-sixes to thunderous twin-turbos, classic convertibles to cutting-edge coupes, there’s been something for gear heads of all persuasions to drool over. The slanted slide rule back-lighted gold detailed dial with clear, black reverse printing lights brightly when playing.

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