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Don’t pump the pedal, you will flood the carburettor again. Time to fix it before you’re on the bus.The Way It WorksSaturday morning you give your battery and charging system a full investigation. The following may, however, help if you own an older vehicle or to give you some idea as to what may be causing the problem.

Ditto between the battery negative post and the engine block.4. Bottom line, there should be 9 to 10 volts at the starter motor hot post when cranking. During this phase of boundary lubrication, metal-to-metal contact can occur between the crankshaft surface and the bearing’s sliding surface. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information.Last update: March 27, 2014 (January 2009) This article refers to the automotive technology. Symptom Diagnosis Cure Starter turns engine slowly: lights dim or don’t work Weak or flat battery. Прибыв на место видим вектру с виду в нормальном состоянии, по кузову конечно есть косяки и их никто не скрывает. В доме есть яма, куда мы заезжаем и смотрим ходовку, потом на тест драйв на трассу.
Land Rover[edit] In 2008 Land Rover fitted its Freelander with Stop/Start which could reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 10%.[23] As of 2016 all Land Rover and Range Rover models are fitted with Intelligent Eco Stop/Start. While keeping the gears meshed, measure the gap between the teeth with a 0.032-inch wire gauge. Older vehicles with points-and-distributor ignition may have a third wire to the coil, bypassing the ballast resistor. Unfortunately, modern cars are much more complicated and, therefore, harder to diagnose as there are so many sensors, computer software involved which have to be diagnosed by specialised equipment.

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