Инструкция к multi-function lcd 4 pads digital massager for full body

инструкция к multi-function lcd 4 pads digital massager for full body
The device provides 20 levels of intensity and each channel operates as you choose. After-Sales For After-Sale issues such as defective/missing/wrong products, product operation issues, tracking a parcel or checking order status, please feel free to submit the request Pre-Sales Live chat customer services team-Available for Pre-Sale questions. This unit has 6, 8, 10, 12, or 24 modes. The two power sources are the built-in rechargeable lithium battery that connects to a wall unit and a USB port for your computer.

You will no longer need to visit the chiropractor, therapist, and maybe you can give up your pain medication. The unit can be attached to a computer USB port for recharging. The pads have an adhesive gel so that you do not have to use lotions, gels, or oils for attachment. The Strength increases and decreases function continuously and have 20 levels for choosing as you like. You will want a professional to monitor you to be sure the electrodes are placed correctly and that you are using the proper signal.

The more you think about pain emotionally the worse it gets. This depends on how you use it as well. The electrotherapy focuses on the area where you place the self-adhesive pads. These frequencies can be low less than 10 Hz or higher greater than 50 Hz. At high frequency with its intensity below motor (muscle) contraction, i.e., intense perception, or low frequency where the perception is felt as a slight motor (muscle) contraction. The countdown timer will show you time remaining for each therapy session. The innovative seat design gives you an option to twist and turn your lower body to maximize your work-out.

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