Инструкция для macbook pro 13

инструкция для macbook pro 13
You can do this during installation using Disk Utility. Shutting Down Your MacBook Pro If you aren’t going to use your MacBook Pro for a couple of days or longer, it’s best to shut it down. Unlike typical trackpads, the entire MacBook Pro trackpad is a button, and you can click anywhere on the trackpad. To enable Multi-Touch gestures, view instructional videos of the gestures, and set other trackpad options, choose Apple () > System Preferences, and then click Trackpad.

После запуска необходимого пакета ПО все становится на свои места — оба показателя в среднем «упали» на 10%. При «прожиге» посредством CPUBurn ситуация также несколько изменилась. You can upgrade to two 4 GB chips for a total of 8 GB very easily.Hard Drive: 160 or 250 GB hard drives came standard with the MacBook Pro 13″ Unibody. Check the cables and power supplies to your Ethernet hubs and routers. If you have two or more computers sharing an Internet connection, be sure that your network is set up properly. Many answers to questions can be found on your computer in Mac Help. However, it does resemble its larger siblings, the MacBook Pro 15″ Unibody and the MacBook Pro 17″ Unibody.

The refreshed MacBook Pro 13 with Retina is in many ways the same system we saw in 2012. It looks the same, weighs (almost) the same, and has the same display. The latest product specific information can be found at /support/macbookpro. Built-in battery Do not remove the battery from your MacBook Pro.

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